Automatic Teller Machine (ATM): Normal Type
Model: WLF-2112 ( Through Wall )

    Realizable Transaction:

  • Withdraw;
  • Recharging IC card or RF card;
  • Transferring accounts, inquiring/printing details of transaction, covering for self-service payment;
  • Changing password, checking balance;
  • Performances:

  • Interface:
    User display: 15” LCD with infrared touch screen
    Maintain display: 10.4” LCD (through-wall only)
  • Pinpad: 4X4 numeric antiriot stainless-steel keyboard with 3DES encryption algorithm
  • Industrial standard computer: P?/128MB/40G.
  • Platform:
    Windows NT/2000/XP
    ATM-C software in conform with CEN/XFS standard.
  • Banking card reader:
    Magnetic card / IC card hybrid reader.
    Motor driven
    Retrieve the card if it is not removed within an interval time
    Or reject the card if the power failure
    Support EMV2000 standard.
  • Notes Dispenser:
    1 to 4 cassettes (selectable as standard)
    Single retract/bundle retract, storage in separate compartments
    Cassette capacity: up to 3000 banknotes
    Cassette with lock
    Cassette with low cash sensor
    Cassette pre-setting
    Vault capacity: up to 3000 banknotes
    Dispense 30 banknotes per transaction
    Auto-retract the dispensed notes if they are not removed within time-out
  • Printer:
    Receipt printer (dot matrix or thermal)
    Journal printer (dot matrix)
  • Size and weight:
    Through-wall: 520mmX960mmX1800mm, weight: 500Kg.
  • Supervising system:
    Be Equipped with two supervising cameras.
    (one for cash dispenser door, one for bank customer’s face)
  • Environment requirement:
    Temperature: 0°-> 45°
    -35°-> 45° (with automatic heater)
    Humidity: 20% -> 95% (without dew)
  • Network Communications:

  • Support leased line, dial-up and GPRS communication
  • Communication Protocol: Support TCP/IP, X.25, SNA/SDLC, HDLC protocol
  • Application Protocol: Support ISO8553
                                     NCR emulation: NDC/NDC+
                                     Diebold emulation: 911/912
                                     Siemens emulation or other


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